Rocket League Adria section opening
After a long discussions and scouting we found that there are a lot of you who would like to be a part of Rocket League community and to participate in this unique game. ESL is ready to present you this opportunity in cooperation with our friends from Skill Arena. Both of us are very passionate about esports and we are willing to give you an opportunity to play, connect & win some prizes.

ESL & Skill Arena Cooperation

Skill arena is the biggest Rocket League community in the region. Our common ''interest'' is simply the love for eSport; therefore we have decided that together we can contribute more to the regional community.

Place of Rocket League on ESL

ESL Play is already organizing regular go4rocket league cups for people from all over the globe. Adria, as a part of ESL Europe, is giving people from the region a chance to play, connect with each other and win some unique prizes (monetary, hardware, in-game titles etc.)
We have in mind that Adria region is pretty ''young'' in eSport and we see this as a step for improving and showing everyone that eSport is on the rise! With ultimate goal to expand this to the next level and put a "crown" on this online tournaments by organizing offline events where our online friendship can end in real life connections.

How can you participate?

For now we are introducing you one new feature - Adria points. By winning adria points you can claim your prizes. Every month we will count your points and award the best teams with the prizes.

When can we play?

Rocket League is opening on 17th of March and your first cup is scheduled for 17:00 CET (Central European Time). However, you will have a chance to participate in these cups every Saturday at the same time.

Best regards,
Your ESL and Skill Arena
Techpriest, Saturday, 03/03/18 14:53
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