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ESL Pro - America's Best Players

In the Hearthstone Legendary Series, the top pro players from around the world and the very best community players compete every week for points and prize money. This all culminates in the very best of the best travelling across the globe to Burbank, California for the battle royale that is our LAN finals with the winner taking home the purse and the glory (Hearthstone Legendary Series).

The ESL MKX Pro League features and celebrates the very best players in Mortal Kombat X competing for fame, glory and prizes. In the upcoming second season players will have the opportunity to represent their factions and do battle against other combatants online. Stay tuned for more information.

The The ESL ESEA CSGO League is the worlds largest Counter-Strike league and boasts the very best teams from North America and Europe competing in Multi-month seasons. For 2015, the league has committed to paying out US$1,000,000 in prize money to the world’s best teams, in addition to full travel support for offline finals.